Vetting News

CRB Rebranded - DBS

As of 1 December 2012 the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) merges with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to form the all new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

New BS7858: 2012

The new version of BS7858:2012 is published to be applied by 1st May 2013 with significant amendments and updates.

Nova Introduces International Vetting

Nova Risk management introduces International Vetting services including criminality checks and employment verification.


Why do I need to Security Screen my staff?

An essential element of any working environment is the employment of staff whose integrity and character is beyond doubt. This is particularly important when placing personnel into a position of trust. The foundation of our process is British Standard (BS) 7858 Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment - Code of Practice.

This British Standard first came into effect in 1996 having been prepared at the request of users and providers of security services. It is an integral element in complying with the criteria for quality accreditation within the industry. Insurance providers will require evidence that security screening has been satisfactorily performed.

Good business practice demands that businesses have a duty to consumers, shareholders, employers and society as a whole to make effective recruitment decisions a high priority. Companies who build trust will win, those who do not will fail.

Which standard do you use?

There is only one recognised benchmark for performing candidate and employee screening within the United Kingdom - British Standard BS 7858:2012 "Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment - Code of Practice". This is the foundation of our process.

This standard gives recommendations for the "security screening of individuals to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods or property is a requirement of the employing organisation's operation and/or where such security screening is in the public interest."

Many organisations outside the security industry use this robust standard to perform their candidate and employee screening process.

Which period of security screening (5 or 10 years) should I adopt?

This decision should be taken after consultation with your quality accrediting authority (NSI, SSAIB, etc), insurance providers and customers.  You may believe that the longer period of 10 years has a unique selling point.

How long will it take to complete the security screening?

British Standard BS 7858:2012 states "Security screening covering the whole of the security-screening period should be completed: for 5 years security screening, not later than 12 weeks after employment (i.e. provisional employment) has commenced or, for a longer period, not later than 16 weeks after employment (i.e. provisional employment) has commenced.”

Experience shows that our average turnaround time is six weeks.

What do I need to supply?

The foundation of any candidate or employee security screening to British Standard BS 7858:2012 is the completion of an Application Form. This form must detail the names, addresses and where possible telephone numbers of all previous employers, unemployment and self-employment for the last 5 or 10 years or since the age of 12.

Can you supply an Application Form?

Yes, we can supply an Application Form for you to download from our Web Site, all that is required is for your personalisation, i.e. Company name, address, logo, etc.

How do you ensure the information is kept securely?

Security of screening information held during the process is of paramount importance, consequently, our premises are secured to an NSI NACOSS Gold Standard by access control, intruder and fire alarm systems.

Our staff are experienced in handling the potentially sensitive problems involved in the verification of individuals background. Confidentiality throughout is fully respected.

Will I have a dedicated contact at Nova Risk Management?

Yes. Clients receive their own dedicated Screening Co-ordinator who has core skills for their industry sector and supported by their own trained and motivated team.

What do I get back?

Upon completion each file goes through a rigorous quality audit to ensure it conforms to the British Standard and a summary certificate is raised and signed by tour Quality Manager. Each file is then collated and returned to Client with all the original documentation.

Who audits Nova Risk Management?

We were the first security screening company to be awarded British Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Gold Standard with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) who are the governing body regulating & auditing the security industry. An independent body, the NSI inspects companies against nationally recognised standards including ISO 9001:2008 & BS 7858. Our clients are independently audited by their own accrediting authority these are currently, BSI, ISOQAR, NSI, SSAIB, NQA and LRQA. Therefore our results are constantly under scrutiny.